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Use these files without alteration on your site and publications to promote ZIPBOX Media. Let us know if you'd like to establish a partnership with ZIPBOX Media to help your audience sell their digital media online.

ZIPBOX Media Graphics

Graphic Standards File

ZIPBOX graphic standards

Our graphic standards are established for color, text and context. We ask that you comply with these standards when using the ZIPBOX Media mark on you Web site or print publications.


General ZIPBOX Brochure, brag
ZIPBOX Music Brochure
ZIPBOX Church Brochure
Open Labs box brochure

The general brochure is a concept piece for generally showing our capabilities and target. The music and church brochures are geared toward musicians and churches with digital assests to distribute.

Print Ads

ZIPBOX Dove Program Ad
Color Ad
Black and White Ad
Roundup ad

Print ready print ads as PDFs.

Banner Ads.

sell your digital files online with your own download site
sell your digital files online with your own download site

Banner ad art works in SWF and GIF formats.
Download the yellow SWF.
Download the black SWF.
You will need to right click and select "Save Linked File As...".