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Music Sales with Nielsen Soundscan (Store Owners)

by zbmadmin ⌂, Nashville TN, Tuesday, March 16, 2010, 21:56 (2809 days ago) @ musicmanstore

What does it mean to have my music sales report to Nielsen Soundscan?

Any music collection or single file can be given a special code that we use as a means to report sales of those items to Nielsen Soundscan. This is the agency that tallies sales for Billboard Magazine's charts.

Those special numbers are UPC or ISRC. UPCs are given to music collections and ISRCs are added to singles. You may have already obtained these numbers for your music and if so you will want to enter those numbers in related with your collections and songs in the ZIPBOX Media Store administrator.

If you have not obtained a UPC or ISRC you can have ZIPBOX Media give them for you. You get 5 UPCs with your ZIPBOX Media Store. You can purchase more for a nominal fee.

Oh, and by the way, ringtones sales will also be recorded for individual files. So if you create and sell ringtones make sure to enter or obtain an ISRC for each one so we can report your sales.

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