ZIPBOX Media’s Current Pricing.

How Much?

For $9.95 a month, we will setup your website, assign you a domain name (or use your own) and give you a fully functional online store.

You do not need a credit card merchant account, a Paypal account, a formal business plan or a website; all you need are the items and files you want to sell!

Monthly Hosting Fees

$ 10.00 for 5 GB of storage. (Regularly $18.)

$ 18.00 for 10 GB of storage. (Regularly $28.)

$ 25.00 for 20 GB of storage. (Regularly $38.)

$ 6.00 for 5 GB of additional storage after 20 GB. (Regularly $9.95.)

File and Collection minimum pricing

Files are the single items each ZIPBOX Web site would sell. For example, songs or images. Collections or albums are the holder of those items and there is no limit to the number of items in a collection

$ 0.68 mimimum price for each file (or song).

$ 3.99 minmum price for each Collection or Album*.

$ 0.25 for each item multiplied by the number of items in a collection or album. This affects the collection minimum price only.

An example would be an album with 14 items (songs plus any other type file like a pdf) can have a minimum price of $ 3.99. But if there are 23 items in that album its minimum price becomes $ 5.75 because 23 multiplied by 0.25 is 5.75.

Revenue Share

0.90 % is the percent paid to ZIPBOX Media site owners of the full revenue collected on their behalf.

Full revenue collected on the site owner’s behalf includes items purchased with ZIPBOX gift certificates. It does not include the purchase price of a gift certificate.

Referral Credit

$ 9.95 will be paid to any ZIPBOX site owner for each referral to sign up for the ZIPBOX Media service.

A referral credit is created when someone clicks "Get a ZIPBOX Media Site" in the footer of the referring ZIPBOX Media web site. Credits are tallied and paid at the beginning of each month.

UPC Pricing

$ 5.00 cost for each UPC Code used after first 5 codes.

Each new ZIPBOX Media site owner receives 5 credits for UPC Codes. UPC Codes can be applied to music albums only. A unique code is generated for your album if desired. You can enter your own UPC code and it will not count against your credited codes.

All prices are subject to change without notice