ZIPBOX Media has added free download credits to its service, enabling ZIPBOX storeowners the power of free giveaways.

ZIPBOX Media storeowners now have an easy way to promote products in their online stores by offering free downloads to their customers. ZIPBOX Media, leading provider of digital download web sites, recently added Free Item Credits to its host of innovative features. ZIPBOX Media storeowners can take advantage of the feature by offering up to three files at no cost to consumers.

ZIPBOX Media’s digital download site technology allows creators of digital content; music, videos, images, software, and books the ability to easily create their own digital download site, with the power to control all aspects from site design, to product availability and pricing. In addition, ZIPBOX Media web sites give artists, and record labels a complete distribution solution that reports all sales to Nielsen SoundScan™ for charting on Billboard™.

“Nothing attracts consumers more than a free offer,” said Paul Wright, sales director. “By using this tried and true marketing strategy, storeowners will see increased traffic on their site resulting in a higher volume of total sales. Whether used to promote a new album or collection of files to new or returning customers, giving storeowners the capability of offering freebies will ultimately drive more consumers to the paid products.”

ZIPBOX Media Storeowners can utilize the free download credits quickly and easily to pass along to their customers. These come in quantities of 100 and cost at a minimal cost. Storeowners may offer any product of their choosing as a free download and the files can be from various collections or albums. Storeowners simply log on to their site, order their free credits and pay instantly. Each time a consumer adds a free product to their shopping cart and checks out, the total amount of free credits is reduced.

ZIPBOX Media has made it easy for the consumer as well. Free items will be available as an instant download and there’s no need for credit card information. The consumer then has four days to retrieve the file and it’s removed from their queue once it has been successfully downloaded.

For a limited time ZIPBOX Media is offering 25 free download credits for every new site. Storeowners can start promoting their digital downloads right away.

About ZIPBOX Media – Established in 2007, Nashville, Tennessee-based ZIPBOX Media, LLC is the leading innovator in digital media distribution.  ZIPBOX Media is a web-based media distribution and management solution that enables individuals and companies to display, sell and distribute their digital media easily and inexpensively without the need of third party support or applications. ZIPBOX Media is designed for both novice and advanced users and includes a customizable website, digital media catalogue, secure shopping cart, secure file downloader, as well as accounting and sales reports, marketing components, and integrated email. The ZIPBOX Media Digital download site comes with a 30-day, no obligation free trial.  After the free trial, stores are available for $18 per month which includes 5GB of storage. Upgrade packages offering additional storage and flexibility are also available.

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