Music is both personal & universal. ZIPBOX Media was created to give you control of your music and let you distribute it to the world. Keep reading to find out what a ZIPBOX Media Store can do for you and your music.

  • Sell My Music online
  • Count Sales on Billboard’s charts
  • Design and populate your own site
  • Set your own prices
  • Utilize our secure shopping cart
  • Get paid monthly

Read part one (sell your songs online)

Control your site with our content management system. The ZIPBOX Media “CMS” allows you to design and populate your site however you wish. Your store will have its own unique hostname that is considered a stand-alone site by search engines like Google. For example, could be your store’s location. If you own a domain name we will host your site on that domain at no extra charge, because It’s Your Site.

It’s Your Money and ZIPBOX Media makes it easy to control, collect and obtain the money you earn. Set and change the prices of your songs and albums at anytime. Songs can be as little as .68¢ per download and albums as little as $3.99. Track your sales in real-time and know what sold at what price instantly. Your revenue is 75% of everything you sell with ZIPBOX Media because It’s Your Money.

A secure shopping cart with built in convenience features allows customers to set spending limits and save their payment method for later use. ZIPBOX Media transfers money into your bank account each month. We want you to collect your revenue as soon as possible because It’s Your Money.

It’s your choice. Go to to get your very own ZIPBOX Media Store. For as little as $18 a month your site includes an online store, a digital catalog of your media, a secure shopping cart, and revenue payments.

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