ZIPBOX Media sells digital download Web sites as a complete turnkey solution to selling your digital creations.

Each ZIPBOX Media Web Site includes:

  • A Web Site that you can design and populate with your content
  • A digital catalog of your media
  • A secure shopping cart
  • A secure and protected file downloader
  • A monthly payment for your sales

  • A Distribution Solution for Artists, Bands, and Labels

Is ZIPBOX Media a plugin?

No. ZIPBOX Media is a complete, fully functioning, stand-alone website using your own domain name (if desired)  or one of our ZIPBOX Media domain names. You are in complete control over every aspect of your site including prices, availability and design.

Is ZIPBOX Media free?

ZIPBOX Media is not free. The introductory price for a 5 GB store is $39 per month. As of March 1, the prices for 10 GB and 20 GB stores are $59 and $79 respectively. 

These prices are subject to change. Check our prices often for special limited time price changes.

Is ZIPBOX Media easy to use?

Yes. ZIPBOX Media is simple. You can set up your ZIPBOX Media Web site in an about an hour. Alternately, in a matter of seconds, you can apply a predesigned template to your ZIPBOX Media Web site. Refer to our help files for tutorials on setting up your ZIPBOX Media Web site.

Who can use ZIPBOX Media?

Anyone! ZIPBOX Media is useful to musicians, bands, record labels, publishing companies, schools, churches, worship leaders, ministers, photographers, videographers, filmmakers, literary publishers, writers, attorneys, and more.

If you want to distribute your digital media, then ZIPBOX Media is for you!

Do I have to sell products to use ZIPBOX Media?

No. If you don’t have anything to sell, that is ok! You may use ZIPBOX Media to have your own website at an affordable price.

How do I make money using ZIPBOX Media?

You make money by selling your media at a price that you choose through your ZIPBOX Media store. You keep 75% of ALL of the earnings generated through your Web site.

Can I set my own prices for the digital media I sell?

Yes, within certain limits.

For a single digital file, you may charge any price you want at or above 68 cents. For a collection of files, you may charge any price you want at or above the greater of these two values: $3.99 or 25 cents multiplied by the number of files in that collection. 

For example, if a collection has 6 items in it, you may price that collection at $3.99 or higher. If a collection has 18 items in it, then the minimum you can price that collection is $4.50 (18 items multiplied by 25 cents).

Check here for up to date prices.

What happens when I delete one of my digital files?

When you delete a file from your ZIPBOX Media Web site, ZIPBOX Media servers retain that file for 6 days. This allows enough time for any orders pending download to receive the files they purchased.

I want to customize the look of my ZIPBOX Media Store. Is that possible?

Yes. ZIPBOX Media has color palettes, space settings and special places to insert your images which allows you to create a customized ZIPBOX Media Web site through your store administrator.

When do I get paid for items I have sold on my ZIPBOX Media Store?

We remit profits monthly directly to your personal checking or savings account, or your business checking or savings account.

How do I receive earnings from my ZIPBOX Media Store?

Your monthly revenue share of your Web site’s revenue is distributed to your bank account. When you initially set up your ZIPBOX Media Web site you can choose to opt out of receiving any payments. You can change your preference or your bank account from within your ZIPBOX Media Store Administrator.

How do I know if items have sold on my ZIPBOX Media Store?

Within your ZIPBOX Media Web site’s Administrator you will have the ability to view sales in real-time. A number of reports are also available for viewing and downloading related to sales and customers. Some of those reports include sales by collection or by product, sales by customer, or top sales, etc.

How much storage do I get with my ZIPBOX Media Web site?

Each ZIPBOX Media Web site comes standard with 5 GB of storage.

When you sign up for a new store you can choose:

  • 5 GB of storage
  • 10 GB of storage
  • 20 GB of storage

Web site owners can upgrade their storage allotment at anytime. Upgrades come in 5 GB increments. Your total storage allotment is not limited. Check current storage prices.